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this is the beginning. >> yesterday -- today is a big jump. we are in the upper 90's 4 highs. it feels worse than that. e humidity tends to multiplied things. officially we made it at the airport to 100 degrees. most of the time it was in the upper 90's. the airport did hit 100. that is where it goes down. it is not a record breaker. the record is 104 in 1930. the inner harbor made it to 103. the airport is down to 98. it is getting cool out there. 44% humidity. making 98 feel like 106. the bar -- a barometer is low and the wind is brazing. -- breezing. that is down from the inner harbor high of 103 a couple of hours ago.
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lowell, does it feel any cooler? we're down two or three degrees in the past couple hours. >> i have to get my winter coat. it is freezing out here. we're still feeling the oppressive heat out here. the relative humidity is fertile. the heat index over 100 degrees. that type of weather where you step outside and start sweating. temperatures in the 90's. also we are dealing with another phenomenon. we are seeing that radiation al cooling. things will stay relatively warm in the evening. definitely have to watch out for the elderly and sick and find all types of ways to keep cool. >> how are you? we're walking around checking to make sure they're all right.
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and if they need anything. pack is one of cert members, community emergency response team members, checking on the elderly. the program is relatively new but she has been doing this sort of thing in south baltimore for more than 30 years. >> it is very important. you do not know what is going on with them. they could be lying in their sick. they could be heard. >> with the heat index approaching 110 degrees, volunteers were very busy but they were not the only ones. bge made sure they had plenty of power and workers in the field. >> we have increased our field resources and they are available 24-7. >> state police have their hands full because of the extreme heat. they have to exchange their approach to deal with stranded
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motorists. >> if someone is waiting to be towed, the trooper would allow the person to sit in the vehicle and cool off until the tow arrives on the scene. >> motorists are reminded to drink -- trouble with the drinking water and a cell phone. always double check that you did not leave your pet or young child in the car. back in brooklyn homes -- >> she has a dog. when you not, the dogwood borer. she is not at home. >> rosalie's work is far from over. >> i have my iced tea and might air-conditioning. -- my air-conditioning. >> that 99 degrees is from a couple of hours ago. a crew cut the power and it is stuck. i do not think much has changed. it still feels like 99 out here,
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maybe more. if you would like to have more tips on keeping cool, just go to our website., click on the weather. >> and now to a developing story. police have charged a man with attempted murder in tuesday night's shooting of a police officer. we r out side city police headquarters. -- we are outside city policec oheadquarters. the officer has not been identified and was shot while responding to a domestic dispute in the 1100 block of cooks lane. the officer was talking to a couple involved in a domestic
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call and the bullet hit and shattered. he has been treated and released. he is expected to be ok. great detective work and tips helped police close this case ed them to chey let them t jordan. apparently he has drawn hatred to the baltimore police department. >> there is no indication he had any personal dealings with the officer. he had some large animus toward the baltimore police department. >> jordan have had some possible military experience but the police department is working to confirm that. sources say the suspect has suicidal tendencies and is under suicide watch. we are outside police
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headquarters. >> friends and family are saying goodbye to the music teacher who was killed earlier this week when a stolen car crashed into his van. visitors are welcome to burn a between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and saturday morning at 10:00 p.m. at the transformational church of jesus christ. igatingce are invest the shooting of marcus harvell. david collins has more. >> city police have not determined whether this is a clear case of murder. they are conferring with city prosecutors to determine whether this is accidental or not. positive role model, honor roll student, the iron man of attendance, basketball star.
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that is how family, friends, and coaches described marcus harvell. >> he was so concerned about everyone else. always, are you ok, how are you doing? if anything was going on, if you were not feeling well, he would come see you. he always tried to motivate people, especially i would say young men and young women around his age. to encourage them to stay on the right track. to do the right thing. to stay in school. >> on wednesday, marcus harvell suffered a fatal gunshot wound to his chest. the circumstances are under investigation. he and two other young men were handling a gun in the living room of bridget hopkins. according to reports from, she heard a shot and someone scream, mom, and in a panic, jumped out
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of a second-floor window. she broke her arm and leg and is listed in serious but stable condition. police have interviewed two people associated with the case and are conferring with the city prosecutor's office. >> markets is like a son to me. like a son to me. >> he started off as a manager with us and he worked his way into a uniform and he ended up being a starter. >> he was started by his coaches and competitors as one of the most athletic big men in the city. the coach said he developed a nice wing game and the way he takes players off the dribble was impressive and so was his behavior off the court. >> he touched lives in carroll county, howard county, baltimore county, not just here. but everywhere.
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it is a sad thing. >> everything we do this season will be for marcus, our season will be dedicated to marcus. >> he was supposed to play in miami. his coaches say he was being heavily recruited by several colleges in maryland and one in georgia. funeral arrangements are not complete. >> the debt limit still made in washington is continuing. the pressure on to come up with the deal by the august 2 deadline to prevent the u.s. from defaulting on its debt. sally kidd gives us an update. >> there was no formal meeting but senior administration officials were on capitol hill today for some behind-the- scenes action.
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there was talk of progress and a debt limit deal but that was knocked down. >> there are no deals and we're not close. the suggestion we are close to a deal is incorrect. >> there will be an appeal and house speaker said he believes the majority of republicans will support some kind of compromise but he says right now the ball is in the president's court. >> he needs to step up and work with us on the spending cuts and reforms the american people are demanding. >> the senate took up the tea party back plan that's -- passed the house on tuesday. >> the plan does not have one chance in 1 million of passing the senate. >> they debated it anyway. >> none of it adds up. it is make-believe. >> it is not a serious proposal. it will never pass this body. it is a waste of time. >> it is hard to compromise on the other side does not have a plan.
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what do you compromise on? >> it is hard to tell what they are thinking at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and a lot of the time it depends on which with the wind is blowing. >> the president would back a short-term extension to stave off default but only if agreement on a larger deal is reached. senate democrats are ticked off the house is taking the weekend off. house republicans say the senate should not wait until saturday to vote. >> they with us, there is much more news ahead. >> teachers teaching teachers to teach students the skills needed in the field of biomedical studies. that story's just ahead. >> the hot weather continues for >> the hot weather continues for the next day
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alert,onight's education maryland is hoping to turn out more high-school students skilled in science, technology, and math programs. >> they want to make sure the teachers are trained in biomedical science. we have more on the biomedical summer training institute. >> coliform is a wide range of bacteria. >> teachers at stevens university as part of a program called project lead the way. breaking new ground in biomedical research with hopes of taking what they learned back to middle and high school students. >> the class prepares you to do
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a quick run through of the curriculum for the year. so we are prepared to share the lab techniques and we get to our particular needs and allow the students to learn what they can about science. >> the biomedical science program has grown over the past few years. there are 22 programs and more than one dozen -- in one dozens school systems. $1 million was spent to enhance and expand by a medical programs. >> this is something that every teacher who has been here has gone back, they are excited and thrilled to have the program in their schools. students are motivated and excited, they're in a rigorous and relevant areas of study. it is not your father's vocational education. >> teachers are being trained in four courses. the goal is to equip students for a career in the biomedical field. >> this prepares them for the workplace. this is hands-on workplace experience. their research, knowledge based
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information. preparing them for the future. >> davidson -- stevenson is the only one in the nation with close ties. >> we have been the university focused on career preparation linked to the liberal arts education. this just melds perfectly with our mission. >> of mission the university is hoping to expand in the coming years. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a little bit of haze and spotty clouds and sun reign in the area. in the south in the carolinas, so isolated thunderstorms and storms in eastern tennessee moving away. maybe tomorrow we will see something isolated. it will be tomorrow. temperatures at 6:00 p.m., 101 downtown.
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98 at the airport. coastal areas are cooler. only in the 80's. in the 80's out in the mountains. at college park, dropping down to 99. it feels like 108 at the airport, 110 downtown. in the 100's in the area. even ocean city feels like 95. the pollen count has not been much of all. mold spores must be thriving. that is in the higher range. we take a look at the satellite imagery. is movingft of branbrett away. the key here is this big area of high pressure pumping the heat and humidity in our direction. extremely high temperatures in
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the central part of the nation. overnight, hazy and muggy. unseasonably warm. 77 and 83. almost where the normal high would be. light south winds. a 20 9:00 p.m. is the sun set but that is warm. southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the red shaded areas are covering most of maryland. excessive heat watch out for parts of west virginia and western virginia. we take a look at the futurecast and traci the computer model tends to overstate it. we see that the chance tomorrow, hire to the west and south. this is isolated activity. tomorrow, the rain chance is higher. the computer model is overstating the amount that will
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occur, how much we will see. the chance is there and it extends into sunday. that will spell some much more comfortable conditions for us once we get past the weekend. ocean city's forecast, 95 tomorrow. 98 saturday. rain chances and 90 on sunday. 101 on saturday. the temperatures to start sliding but it will be sticky through the weekend. slight rain chances tomorrow and saturday, going up sunday and monday. next week should be more comfortable. >> nothing about the nfl negotiations has gone easily. the last few yards our most
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challenging. owners currently taking a dinner break, expecting to vote tonight. the players' association -- it remains unclear if the players will vote. there will have to go through the legal process of race certifying as a union. the owners want the union to certify and do the deal and the lockout. players want to recertify on their timetable. making the timetable uncertain. >> there's a lot of things rolling out there. and i certainly remember comments from some of the owners on how we might not be a billion yen. guess what? the decision to decertify was
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important. the decision for our players as men to come back as a union has to be a serious one they have to make. >> testy to the bitter end. the of owners have not voted on this labor deal. the players will hold a conference call. conflicting reports on whether they plan to conduct a vote. the players have to reform their union. they could take days but could start tomorrow if the nfl lead players report to facilities so they can vote on recertifying as a union. the orioles open a weekend series against the l.a. angels. john collins will tell you, it
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>> three immigrants accused of murdering teens will stand trial. why the prosecutor is confident he will be able to get a conviction to stick. the steps officials are taking to keep your power up and running. also the latest endorsements in the race
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>> again tomorrow and saturday, up 100 or better. lots of sun. maybe an isolated storms tomorrow. by sunday, a cool front comes in. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. [caption
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